Author William Shakespeare, Narrated by Anton Lesser, Narrated by Full Cast, Narrated by Emma Fielding, Narrated by Edward de Souza, Narrated by Susan Engel
Unabridged (Complete Version)
Duration: 3 hours 22 minutes
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Hamlet, which dates from 1600-1601, is the first in Shakespeare’s great series of four tragedies, the others being Othello (1603), King Lear (1605) and Macbeth (1606). In writing
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Author William Shakespeare
Narrated by Anton Lesser
Narrated by Full Cast
Narrated by Emma Fielding
Narrated by Edward de Souza
Narrated by Susan Engel
7 June 1997
3 hours 22 minutes 10 seconds
92.56 MB
General Audience (0-99)